Failed Rehab

So ... last night ... the Echo ... CSS headlined (they're currently on tour with Ladytron), and holy smokes, it was cool.
The place was absolutely packed, and there were like, a hundred people waiting outside for any spare tickets that came up. CSS was prompt (!), getting on stage at around 10.30, but man did they deliver one hell of a set.
Lovefoxx was definitely feeling the crowd and the energy throughout the whole show, although things didn't really get started from the audience until like, halfway through their show. But whatever, I had a good time throughout. The whole group commands really well ... great stage presence. I loved how they spoke in slightly broken English, how they kept switching instruments, and how they were just so interactive with the crowd. Lovefoxx crowd surfed three times, I think, did some pretty wacky dances, and even served air alcohol to those in the front row at one point.
So yeah -- it was cool.

Grand Ole Party opened for them, and they were ... pretty decent. Interesting delivery of the songs in terms of vocals, really stellar guitar playing, and just a unique quality throughout. I liked 'em, but they were nothing compared to CSS ...

Oh, and since you've all heard CSS to death, I'm assuming, I'll just post this one track ... a sort of remix of their song "Alcohol." Sounds to me like what they would've recorded had they come into the studio totally hung over at around 9 AM.
Pictures are here.
CSS - Alcohol (failed rehab varsion)