How Many More!?

red riders
Wanna hear more about what's coming out of Australia? (Man is that country looking awesome ... Australia will become the new Canada soon, I think ... once they get their own Arcade Fire.)
Expatriate is sort of dark, sort of post-punk, sort of electro, sort of ... charming, actually. Indeed, an interesting band. They sort of ... keep ... chugging ... along ... it's ... super. And I dig those harmonies, man. They've got something coming out next year on Dew Process, a really cool and forward moving lable from Queensland!
Oh, and head on over to their MySpace page.

Hailing from Sydney is Red Riders, a sort of heavier indie-pop group. That floaty voice on top of fat bass lines and sharp, piercing guitars ... cool stuff. Hey, it's hard sounding uninspired when it's clear that instrumentally you're actually really pumped and excited.

Lastly, be sure to check out this guy Tim's band, Soft Tigers. Tim is 17 and from Sydney as well. He makes cheery, sort of dancey music with quite a thing for funky rhytms and sing-alongs. And then there's some funk and disco in there ... check out his MySpace page ... good time!
Red Riders - Slide In Next To Me
Red Riders - I Think You're Blind