Dirty & Blood Red

dirty hands
Another thing I've noticed quite a lot of in terms of the UK's musical output is ... this sort of abrasive pseudo-punk thing. It's like post-punk with edge and anger and an element of twee to it, too.
I say twee in that the music's sort of quaint and close. Think Jay Reatard or something.

Dan from Dirty Hands emailed me, and I was taken with his stuff from the first chord of "Get On Your Bike Charlie." Sharp, simple, perfectly blended ... really great stuff here. Be certain to check out some of their stuff! (Oh, and what a cool, unique idea for 7" releases ... red.orange.blue.)

Next is the guy/girl duo Blood Red Hands, who seamlessly integrate sharp, quick, also abrasive punk-y/garage-y melodies with sweet, smooth female vocals. I'm digging this group, too, and I think that may be because of their overt simplicity. There's often little need to make music something vast and complex, especially when you just ... can't do it! So I like how both of these bands keep their sound down to something they can absolutely do well. Check them out on MySpace.
Dirty Hands - Get On Yer Bike (Charlie)
Dirty Hands - Run With It
Dirty Hands - Endgame
Dirty Hands - Vivid Imagination
Blood Red Shoes - ADHD
Blood Red Shoes - Can't Find the Door
Blood Red Shoes - Stitch Me Back
Blood Red Shoes - Meet Me At 8