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harlem shakes
I'm excited to be going to see Deerhoof on the 24th at the El Rey as they support their latest record, Friend Opportunity (and yeah, I've written tons about this). In [early] preparation for the show (who really needs to prep, anyway!?), I checked out who they're touring with, as Deerhoof often choose ... at least interesting groups to have support them.

And indeed ... the opening band, Harlem Shakes is pretty damn good. They're from Brooklyn, and they've an interesting sound. All at once they sound sort of lost, meandering (intriguing start-stop song structure, guitar and piano noodling), but completely collected (strong, unique vocals, beautifully crafted guitar lines, vivid bass lines, and ... character!)
If you're looking for a clean/crisp pop group with plenty of twists and fascinating characteristics (and dreams of being bigger), then Harlem Shakes is the group for you.

Go to their MySpace page.
After a whirlwind of label interest and blog frenzy over the past few years, Harlem Shakes have reformed,
reevaluated and rediscovered themselves. They have now decided to self-release their debut EP, Burning
Birthdays, this February, 2007. Produced by Chris Zane (Asobi Seksu, Human Television, Les Savy Fav),
the 5-song EP evokes all of Harlem Shakes' character and high-octane melodies, maintaining all the
catchiness you've come to expect -- while adding the energy and depth they've been evoking live for the
past few years.
Harlem Shakes - A Night
Harlem Shakes - Josh Studies
Harlem Shakes - Carpetbaggers