dandi wind
I wrote about Yim Tin Tam a while ago, but just today I got an email from Adrian -- one of the band members -- notifying me of the posting of new material by them.

And it's far too good to pass up. The Ontario-based trio play this really phat-sounding semi-rendition of something summery and poppy, almost edging on Brian Wilson. That's not to say they sound like the Beach Boys -- they're far too rough and bumpy -- but there's this pop aesthetic to their songwriting that's incredibly intriguing and fun and engaging. And hey ... I love sweet harmonies, horns (on occasion ... approximately as often as Yim Tin Tam uses them), and pretty female vocals (especially good to offset harsher or bolder male singing). And hey ... they've plenty of hooks to make everything all the more fun and exciting!
Their album, Pink Magic is due out later this year ...

I've found this other Canadian trio, Dandi Wind, which I'm really digging, too. Frantic, synth-driven (and it's really driven) garage-y dance stuff. It's dark and somber, but man does it hook you in ... the punchy bass, sharp beats, and subtle vocals. I love this sort of stuff because it's loud and brash and exciting for reasons that usually add up to overall boring music. Underspoken's never been so cool.
Be certain to check out their MySpace page.
Dandi Wind - Balloon Factory
Dandi Wind - Apotemnophilia (sample)