Noizy New Year, Revistited

chico y chico!
It's been only a few hours since I posted last, but I feel like I need to do you all some justice (and myself, probably): that was a mediocre (at best) post.

I'll start this post off with the wild card, the one band that has almost nothing to do with the others ...
Flamingo Crash! This quintet from Australia has an uncanny fascination with lounge, Latin-based dance rock. I dig these dudes hardcore because of their primal take on whatever the heck they're doing and their willingness to break stylistic barriers. I don't know if their music in itself is groundbreaking or not, but they're certainly trying to create something new, which is very, very cool in my mind. Be sure to stop by their MySpace page.

Dananananaykrod has more in common with GVSY than Flamingo Crash (hence the "revisited" descriptor here), but they're a tad different. The songs they play have more ... structure to them, and they're not quite as chaotic and spastic (although they're all incredibly high energy and crazy, don't worry). You. Must. Go. To. Their. MySpace page. Now.

Man-oh-man am I loving Chico y chico!. The duo's from Austin, and I can confidently say that I've never heard anything like them come out of Austin. Really hyper, jumpy, yet incredibly poppy stuff here ...
I dig it big time. If you've only time to listen to one of these bands, make it these guys ... so head on over to their MySpace page right now!

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Flamingo Crash - YES YES YES
Chico y Chico!
Chico y Chico! - Must Love Orcs
Chico y Chico! - Maximum Defense