Referencing ...

In the Tap Tap interview I did a week or so ago, Thomas mentioned a couple of his favorite Reading bands, and it was only until now that I finally got around to looking them up.
Rest assured, Thomas has stellar taste ... these two groups are great.

Hot Silk Pockets has a similar lo-fi approach to making music as Tap Tap, but these guys are lighter and more like the Postcard groups of the early 80s than anything else. Clear, assertive guitar hooks, moderately loose, primal drumming, and high-reverb vocals. My one complaint is that they've not yet released enough (and the songs are too damn short!), but otherwise, Hot Silk Pockets are my infatuation of the moment. Really ace.

The other group Thomas mentioned was Buttonhead who, while a little more "professional" looking (by that I mean they've simply more design and an actual website), are no less earnest and accessible than Hot Silk Pockets. The group's a little more poppy, a little lighter, a little weirder, but still really great. This stuff almost sounds to me like Deerhoof at points ... minus the chirpy Japanese vocals.
But hey, I'm one hell of a Deerhoof fan, so Buttonhead's clearly a band after my own heart. Check out their MySpace page.
Hot Silk Pockets - Body Clock