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snakes say hisss!
When I first heard Snakes Say Hisss!, I -- unfortunately -- thought I was listening to an undiscovered track by the Unicorns. I know that's far from the best and most appropriate way to describe their sound, but these guys rely pretty heavily on goofy synth lines, stupid drum beats, and higher-ranging, rigid vocals.
No one will ever touch the greatness of the Unicorns, but maybe these dudes from Saratoga will come close to converting some of their fans. Or just by being especially appealing and fun. Can't turn 'em down. Check out their MySpace page and groove away.

White Light Circus represents a style of music on the complete opposite end of the musical spectrum. The British group channels Kraftwerk pretty heavily, and I'd like to imagine that they use the same equipment as them as well. Most likely not ...

Lastly, I've another (!) Brazilian band: Moptop! Yes, very, very bad name. But these guys are alright, actually. Sort of like the Strokes had they originated in Brazil, and had they been a little less authentic and unique. Moptop definitely has dreams of international stardom -- the songs are super accessible, full-of-hooks, pop concoctions -- but I'm not sure they'll get there.
I still don't know a word of Portuguese, and understanding my lyrics does matter at some level to me. Speak English, change the name, make it ...
Check out their MySpace page, too.
Snakes Say Hisss! - I Control the Wind