The Good Kind

I've been terribly busy, and on top of my business, I've been trying to distribute Next Level Vol. 1, No. 1. Certainly not something to be upset or sad about -- quite the contrary -- but it does tire you out.
Anyway, I have been still up to my usual, digging through pile upon pile of music.
Fast Fourier is really impressing me. The Brooklyn trio had a Narnack release last year, but it totally passed under my radar (damn radar ... glitching again). Because of the drumming in particular in their music, their otherwise moody, ambient-ish rock/shoegaze becomes totally different; harsher, bolder, and revitalized. I'm not inclined to uh, stare at my shoes, for example, when I hear this stuff, although it does rely heavily on distortion, repetition, and reverb. Definitely worth checking out, though ... head over to the MySpace page, because I'm certainly not doing a good job representing this group!

Talkshow Boy is more than just a cool name ... he's another representer of this "happy hardcore" style. I still don't quite "get" the style, but it is indeed fun, "happy," and hardcore in nature. I feel like it'll be pretty bloody short lived, but I doubt anyone in the scene's hoping for more than a few years worth of concerts. They'll probably all go deaf, anyway ...

Lastly, Turboweekend is something totally different, and totally foreign (the group's from Denmark!) ... but of course, they sing in English. I like this group quite a lot ... it's got the pep and cute lyrics of Junior Senior, the bounce of any good electro dance track, and the guitar/synth interplay that made me fall for Datarock. Plus, who doesn't love robotic vocoders and super awesome graphics to support the band's image?
Cool dudes indeed ...
Talkshow Boy - Black Logic VHS Version