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the student teachers
Oliver -- the guy who's working with the Student Teachers in an effort to remind us all how good they were circa '78-'80 (or to open them up to those of us who never heard of them!) -- just sent me a few songs by the Student Teachers for distribution on the blog!
They're really great -- if not a tad crackly -- and absolutely worth checking out.

This group was ... seminal. Sort of like what would have happened if the Buzzcocks had an American counterpart. Or maybe the Undertones in NYC. You get the idea, I hope. Their history even parallels that of the Buzzcocks: they met, a bunch of teenagers, at a John Cale concert in '77. Inspired by the energy, the environment, they decided to make a group. And while it's completely different than anything Cale would have done, it's the same energy, the same vitality to it. Allegedly, the members kept going to concerts together -- Patti Smith being a favorite -- further inspiring them to do more and more.

The Student Teachers absolutely need more attention. Give it to them. This is phenominal stuff. Oh, and check out the MySpace page.
the Student Teachers - Looks
the Student Teachers - Channel 13
the Student Teachers - Samantha