Noizy New Year

gay against you
Right, so I've little to report here, but I've got some good tracks to give you all, so download them and uh ... dig them!
The main reason I'm writing this post is because I want to discuss ... Gay Against You, a duo of indescribable style and talent from Glasgow. On one hand, they do spastic, enigmatic noise and hardcore, but on the other, they do happy, poppy tunes, mingled with child-like synths and keyboards and an songwriting aesthetic that could be integrated into Sesame Street.
Bizarre? Yes, but man are they fun.

And there's a lot of stuff like Gay Against You coming out of the UK now ...
For example, DJ Scotch Egg - a super-producer of one hell of a niche style ...
Scotch Egg's record label, Adaadat, is the homeplace for many artists like Gay Against You. Sort of cool, I guess, how the scene's so condensed and small, yet sort of sprawling and influential ...

Lastly ... Curses! I know nothing of this stuff, but it's cool, and I'm pretty certain it's a part of this noise/hardcore thing I've been writing about here ...

Crappy enough first post for 2007?
Gay Against You - Dear Diary
Gay Against You - Bicentennial Nuggets
Curses! - Tearing Me Apart
DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Vader