And the Brits Say

This post is a lead-up to my next post, so sorry for the "incomplete" sort of feel of it. I just want to mention a few UK bands that I have come across that seem pretty interesting, and -- keyword here -- hype-able (that doesn't mean they deserve the hype, but I think they will get it/more of it).
Various is a crazed electronica dance group. Everything's overexaggerated and loony and crass and harsh and dissonant. The soft female vocals make the mood all the more complex and bizarre, but that's why I like them, I guess. They have three songs on their site, but I can't seem to find the source files, so you'll have to go there and listen for yourselves. Sorry.
I'm a tad late on writing about the Manchester group, Fear of Music, but I need to post about them. They've got this cool garage rock sort of songwriting style, but with a more uniquely British twang of post-punk mixed in. Interesting ... potential. Listen to the stuff on their website or The Waltz (Acoustic Demo).
I like dark and haunting and enchanting music. Especially when the minor chords are played with old school synths and crisp, punctuating guitars. And Mark E. Smith sounding vocals certainly help make that sort of music all the more scary. So listen to the Presets ... (and yes, I know I'm a little late on them as well). Download Cookie, At A Loss, Beat On/Beat Off, Kitty In the Middle, and Mia's Mouse, please.
Now, Littl'Ans have not released any solo recordings so far (just a single with friggin' Pete Doherty), but they deserve to be selling records big time. I don't know what to call this stuff ... acoustic/baroque-rock meets the Libertines? Very witty songwriting, elegant guitar plucking and jazz drumming create quite a cool vibe. I'll point out a few of my favorite songs from their gigantic downloads section on their website ... Do You Hide From Saturday Night?, Tell Me You Love Me, , and Say You Miss Me.
I'll fill you in on my future plans tomorrow. I'm dead tired right now.