Weekly: the Future

bell orchestre
I say it a lot, "when are we really gonna get the next Big Thing? Something totally new and differnet."
Well -- I am hopeful for the future. There are several groups that are completely "new" and totally "different." They represent the "next step" in music, as opposed to just a different perspective or re-hash (no matter how creative).
I have posted about all of these bands already, but it was only after listening to the new Man Man album, Six Demon Bag, on my MP3 player (stereo, man!) that I realized that Man Man is the Future (along with some other groups ... I'm gettin' there!)
Okay -- let me explain. Man Man is the Future of Music because their music is derivative. It's origins lay in Eastern European folk (?) and Dixieland combos and blues and honky-tonk. They have not just created something so abstract that it simply can't be classified. They have made a unique, incredibly cohesive, new breed of music that can only be described by itself. Unlike noise rock groups (i.e. Lightning Bolt and Hella), Man Man makes music that isn't just a spazz out. They're evolved music ... structured, together, and whole, they play music that is not just an individual's interpretation of noise.
I also see the Arcade Fire (okay -- old news, I know) and Bell Orchestre, for the same reasons as stated above, as the Future.
Okay -- enough with that, I guess. Comment if you agree or disagree, please ... I'm curious to see if you all think my points are valid.
Man Man - Black Mission Goggles
the Arcade Fire - Cold Wind
Bell Orchestre - Throw It On A Fire

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