Weekly: It's Really Too Much

peter and the pirates
I really go on about it too much, don't I. Pop music is stuck in a rut, blah blah blah ... even the unique stuff is the "same thing" but with a different perspective, blah blah blah. So I'll do it again, I guess ... I'm trying to convey my bitterness or something. I like these bands that I post about. But the fact that we need to read dozens of blogs, magazines, and other sources weekly to catch up on what, not even 50% of the releases every month, just goes to show that we're being swamped with an overabundance of music. This is what I mean when I say that I sort of wish I was around at the height of 'zine culture. When a monthly index or collection of reviews was all I needed to be an authority on something I dug. When I didn't feel compelled to dig deeper and deeper just because I can. There just seemed to be something more organic and human about those old 'zines -- something more inspired, maybe. I just don't really feel fulfilled to find a new band anymore. It doesn't mean much to me, the act of finding. Ah ...
Okay -- the Capes are kind of cool. Very ... driven music. That lead guitar plays these cool descending hooks that make them sound in constant motion. British vocalists these days seem to be turning back to the late-70s and early-80s for inspiration. I keep hearing guys that sound like the Jam or Madness or something ... this strong voice ... a little choppy, a little accented. I like that sort of thing. Listen to samples of Super Girls, Shinjuku Hi-Five, and First Base
Now Duke Raoul is an interesting band. They seem very conscious of the music they are playing ... very aware of who they sound like and where they get their ideas from and what sort of makes them tick. They seem almost proud to say that they sound a bit like David Bowie, a bit like Zepplin, a bit like some hard-core bands. I like that ... listen to Heaven Sent, The Local News, and Aesthetics.
Peter and the Pirates is also a intriguing group. A determined sound ... classic, yet sure-shot hooks, lots of this sort of chanting chorus thing, ace vocals, and appropriate drumming. They sound purposely loose, which would normally be a turn off for me, but is somehow interesting in their case. Listen to What's On, Thyme, Ill Love, and Nuana.