Australia Is the Place

madman moon
I am surprised by Australia's recent, pretty major, re-introduction into the music world. For the past few years, the only music we've gotten from Australia has been from the Vines and like, Jet and Cut Copy. AC/DC used to be big, Nick Cave has always been in the independent music world's eyes, and a lot of people liked the Clean (sorry -- they're from New Zealand), the Dirty Three, and the Church. But aside from that, Australia is unjustly misrepresented in the world of modern music.
Within the past year, though, there have been quite a few Australian bands that have formed and shown plenty of international promise and potential.
Youth Group has gained some recognition and Wolfmother is going to get hyped up soon, I can just feel it.
Madman Moon is a surprisingly creative Australian band that just released a self-titled LP. They sound like a reincarnation of Madness (before they hit it too big) ... really great stuff. Listen to Destination, Thorn, The Pattern, and Point of Life.
I am also quite impressed with the work of Van She ...
Unashamedly taking bits and bobs from 80’s post punk, funk and synth pop, 90’s grunge, French house, film scores, 70s Krautrock and the latest collection of innovative artists like Tom Vek and M83, Van She are that unique beast that one was beginning to believe no longer existed -– a band that takes all these influences from days gone but makes them sound unique, modern, and...… fresh. A lazy pastiche this isn't.

Listen to Sex City.