Vibrations 11.5

Although I have temporarily gone back to dial-up wireless internet, I have still been downloading various podcasts (although it takes like, 5 times longer to get the bloody things) ... my favorite "find" being Dave Cusick's Post Modern Rock Show. I was, honestly, a little hesitant to start listening to the KSPU show, mostly because the name confused me a bit. But I get it all now, and I am glad that I took the leap and became a subscriber ... the show is one of my favorite podcasts. Cusick plays a good combination of the music that I want to hear (as I said before, when I critically judge someone's musical taste, I usually just see how much the person in question has in common with me) and the music that I have not yet found, but wish I had.
I credit Dave completely for my discovery of Cran. Cran, AKA Jonny Hughes (hey! another Canadian!), is a recent high school grad who has recorded one unreleased album, and although his computer pop sound is pretty commonplace now, he's fresh. I like him.
Cran - Spring-break Faith
Cran - Recall
Cran - Rider

That was my main point (mostly because I do not have the resources any longer to search for more points!), but I would also like to tell you all that the Watson Twins -- whom I have only recently learned about thanks to the new Jenny Lewis record they helped create -- are releasing their own album, Southern Manners, soon. They've posted a free song, but it's unfortunately an MP4 file ...
the Watson Twins - Friend or Foe

The British hype machine is going full blast, as usual, and their latest saviours or ... something ... are This Et Al. I actually sort of like this group ... atmospheric post-punk (leaning towards Radiohead at points), with lots of unique instruments and styles thrown into the mix (i.e. tremelo guitar).
This Et Al - Mother Was A Vulture
This Et Al - He Shoots Presidents
This Et Al - Catscan

Damn these guys have released a lot of singles and splits to still not have an album.