BiBaBiDi Music Hype Contest

bibabidi: the contest
Okay, I'm working on a BiBaBiDi contest here. I still need to figure out how to work out the bugs of this proposed contest, but I think I've got it.
I feel like there are too many music blogs. With my blog, I try to unearth bands that are not getting much attention, but which I feel will get a little more in the future. Sometimes I come across a group that never breaks through (quite often, actually), but sometimes I hit on something pretty early.
I posted about the Cribs, the Departure, and the Blood Arm at least 4 months before they started getting press (in the NME in this case), and up to 7 or 8 months before their first "big" release.
So -- I thought it would be fun to play a sort of betting game here. The way that you "enter" is by subscribing to this blog so that I can have your email address for the sole purpose of collecting data and sending out contest emails. Your address will stay confidential with me!

Every address gets 50 points to "bet" with at the start. You can either send me emails with you "bets" or else wait until I send out my first mass mailing and then respond to that.

I've made this contest (a) much easier and (b) much shorter (I will take it down on the 10th, so act fast).
Here's what you have to do:
Put however many points you want to on however many of the following bands you would like to. I have assigned a number to each of these bands. The number is between 0 and 5 and corresponds to how much potential each group has ... a 5 would merit a band on the brink of a break through, whereas a 0 would merit a band doomed to the dollar bin. A "0" means that you get no points back and a "5" means you get 5 times the points.
The idea here is to try and see what sort of music is probably going to get big ... I find it interesting to look at this sort of thing. I mean, some of the bands I have assigned zeros to I actually like a lot, but I do not think they will explode like the Bravery did or anything.
Get it? Good.
So -- if you get 200 points, I will give you a "small" release from one of the bands you bet on. If you get 300+ points, I will give you a "big" release (an EP or an LP). If I calculate your points and they turn out to be less than 200 points, you will have more chances to bet with the points you've already received, but you must bet them on another group.
Okay -- so subscribe away and spread the word ... this is a very limited contest, so act quickly. There may be more games in the future if you guys all dig this sort of thing!

So, here are the starting betting options ... start placing "bets"!
the Colours
the Divorce
El Presidente
Milk Kan
Madman Moon
Portugal the Man
We're Marching On
the Vermicious Knid
the Teeth
Beat Radio
the Wet Secrets
Le Volume Courbe
Precious Fathers