Weekly: Things I Can't Hear

kids these days
This post may turn out horribly wrong, so forgive me if it does.
As you may have picked up by now, I am suffering from a slow internet connection crisis. I can easily do simple stuff on the net, but I cannot just click and download ... one MP3 can take me up to like, 30 minutes.
But from what I gather, these bands are good. And I have listened to one of the groups in part, so I can confidently tell you that the last group I will mention is good.
Glass Family is a group from Austin, Texas, and they're music is said to be this sort of conceptual symphonic thing. Sounds interesting, but I can't really say ... listen to Swimming In Fiction.
Kids These Days is not a "startup" band ... they've been together for a few years now, playing as a sort of Vancouver collective, working on their debut album. Here's something from their one-pager:
All These Interruptions. The van is overheating. The tow truck is on its way. Late again… A thesis to write. A missing member. The phone is ringing… Five songwriters. Five friends. Two years in the making. Ten songs. All These Interruptions is the debut album from Vancouver’s Kids These Days.

Listen to Intoxicated, The Captain, and Sink In Your Teeth. Sound intriguing.
And last -- but not least -- there is Vertical Struts, a sort of rockibilly group that I am digging, and would certainly like all the more if I could download all of these songs I'm about to post. They're a two-piece that likes lo-fi music, but also certainly wants to still make stuff you can dance to. I like these guys ... a lot of lo-fi, to me, is sort of boring -- more of a statement than something you can actually enjoy. So -- without further ado, please listen to Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Stab, Stab, Stab, and Sh!.
Oh -- and please comment and tell me if you liked any of these groups I blindly posted about.