Weekly: Another Shot In the Dark

the creeping nobodies
My slow connection is killing all potential I had to do any sort of in-depth research before posting. All I can do is look stuff up that seems interesting to me, cross my fingers, and hope that some of you agree with my judgments.
I'll start this one off with a sure shot, though ... Built To Spill, one of the few early-90s indie-rock bands that still survives, is releasing a new record, You In Reverse in April. The group has posted their lead single (?), "Goin' Against Your Mind," for the LP on their MySpace page.
Now for the stuff I have not heard much of yet ...
The Creeping Nobodies are a five piece from Canada ... they've released an album and a few EPs, and from what I've heard -- and the little I've actually heard -- they are pretty good. Listen to Treachery, Your Likeness, Intent, Quarantine!, and State.
Also from Canada is North Atlantic Explorers, a pretty mellow, spacey group from B.C. ... can't say much more than that. Listen to When My Ship Comes In and I Will Not Leave You Alone.
The Elephants are an uber-feelgood psych-pop band from Washington. Cool, huh? I think these guys will get big once they release something through a label ... gut feel ...
They've got a MySpace page ... or else just download Oh Tina and Humans Extinct (thanks to the Camera as Pen).