Weekly: Opposites Attract Me

le volume courbe
Before I get to this Weekly's bands, I will tell you all my new Music Theorem.
The juxtaposition of a "low key" or lo-fi song and a more "energetic" song with lusher/flashier production qualities increases the perceived quality of both songs.

I mean -- what's a mix all about? Putting a variety of styles on one tape or CD. And how do you do that well? By pairing "soft" and "loud" songs, by putting a fast song back-to-back with a slow song. That sort of thing.
So here are some bands that attract each other by the "law" of my above Music Theorem:

Le Volume Courbe is my current favorite really lo-fi group, signed to Honest Jons (the guys that brought you Damon Albarn's Mali Music). Don't let the French name fool you ... these guys are British through and through. Not only are they from Nottingham, but they have even collaborated with the likes of such British "superstars" as Kevin Shields and Mazzy Star. Listen to Who Are You from the album, I Killed My Best Friend.

Germlin is almost the total opposite of Le Volume Courbe. His music is what would happen if you cross-bred Melt Banana and hardcore electroclash. A lunatic. Listen to Death Pixxel, Tooot Mountain, and Ghetto Backpack'r. Bizarre, man.

Lastly, I've got Precious Fathers for you all. These guys are being hailed as like, a new Broken Social Scene (minus, as far as I can tell, the absolute genius and the vocals). But I like them all the same. I especially enjoy their drumming, since it seems to be always a little lost or confused. Never quite on the best, but hey -- what the hell is a beat, anyway? Listen to Snowshoes and Praire Train.

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