Weekly: Colors

I've been reading up on and listening to a few groups that are very ... colorful. Vibrant in terms of style and in terms of design and look. El Presidente is a glossy amalgamation of 70s rock, R&B, and electronica. Their falsetto singing and goofy sound is offset by their Interpol-inspired wardrobe. These guys are cool, if nothing else.
The group has one-minute samples of their whole record on their website, and streams for three of their music videos. I uploaded a song of theirs, "Without You," which you can listen to here
There have been several British white-boy/suburbia rap-groups that, as far as I can tell, decided to start flowing when they heard A Grand Don't Come Easy by Streets. Goldie Lookin' Chain is the most annoying one for me, but they can sometimes be funny and fun. Milk Kan is the Beastie Boys on speed or something. Or maybe more like the rap incarnation of the Happy Mondays. I dunno ... they're weird, man. Listen to Real Fake World.
I know nothing about Fursaxa, and I think Fursaxa (it's just one person) wants it that way. The website is bare, as is the music. It sounds like a Gregorian chant on downers or something ... atmospheric guitar (?) plucking and slightly raspy female vocals make for some weird stuff. Check out Japonica ...