Cazals Remixed by Blamma! Blamma!

BBBD has long been a fan of London's Blamma! Blamma!, and while everyone seems to be giving the duo props these days, we can't resist this time 'round as their remix of Cazals' (MySpace) "Somebody, Somewhere" is just too good to pass up.

Blamma! Blamma! warned me to be careful with this one as "it bites," and that it definitely does. A driven, energetic remix that chugs along at a rapid, robotic pace from the very beginning to the end. Nicely filtered vocals, bouncy synth lines, and noisy beats suit the original's aesthetic well. Check it out below. (Blamma! Blamma! gets extra points for making the longest remix title in history.)

Cazals - Somebody, Somewhere (Blamma! Blamma! Somebody Stop Me Mix)

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Anonymous said…
very nice.

... but you're wrong about longest remix title. that would have to go to


'Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Indiepige's Justice vs. Soulwax Intro vs. Original Mash-Up Bootleg Remix)'

and breathe.
Anonymous said…
it's actually:

K.I.M. - By The Time They Reach You (The Bag Raiders Would Have Stolen Your Wallet & Changed All Your Money To Euro's & Gone Shopping In Paris Remix)