Lykke Li + El Perro del Mar

Whoever dreamed up the paring of Lykke Li (MySpace) and El Perro del Mar (MySpace) was ... a genius. (It's might've just been record label politics, but in all sincerity, putting the two Swedish chanteuses on the same bill is a phenomenal idea.)

The artists represent the two main cities in Sweden (Ms. Li hails from Stockholm while El Perro del Mar comes from the slightly less trendy Gothenburg); they both are reviving soul music in their own way; they both slyly dig their way into your heart with their minimalist yet rhythmic and funky style and aesthetic; they both will leave you wanting more. Like a well curated museum exhibition, the Lykke vs. del Mar U.S. tour is moving in how the two singers contrast each other. Lykke is in your face and unabashedly pushes the envelope -- you'll succumb to her wacky dances and melt to her bold vocal talent -- while El Perro del Mar is more subdued and delicate, sublimely merging the old soul of the 1960s with the lo-fi indie-pop of Swedish compatriots like Jens Lekman. The back-to-back sets will stun you ... the similarities with connect the two while the differences accent the other's talents, fortes, and unique qualities.

BBBD is proud to say that it was one of the first Stateside blogs to show love for Lykke Li (thanks to a tip from the wonderful T. Cederteg, and we urge you all to check out a show. This is a rare and exciting opportunity! Check out the widget after the jump to get the scoop on shows and all that good stuff.

Lykke Li - Dance, Dance, Dance

Lykke Li - Everybody But Me (diskJokke Remix)

El Perro del Mar - Somebody's Baby

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