Twin Crystals

Surprise, surprise: S.L.U. has yet another rad release on its hands by the name of Twin Crystals. The Vancouver trio rose from the ashes of Channels 3X4, but doesn't sound a whole lot like the Johnny Jewel-produced group. Twin Crystals draws heavily from the grunge of the 1990s, the gritty industrial aesthetics of the early-1980s (think Throbbing Gristle), and, on occasion, the off-kilter shouting-not-singing of Mark E. Smith.

And, behind the curtain of noise and distortion, there's an art-punk vibe as well ... something edging close on, say, Liars. Twin Crystals screech about crackheads and darkness, anger and resentment, though, distinctly setting them apart from ... just about anyone else.

The band's just released the "Two Girls" 7", so grab that up, but the 10" for "No Clinics" is gone forever. So here's a tune from that release. Bang your head hard ... if that doesn't render your brain numb, the music eventually will.

Twin Crystals - With or Without You

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New Official Video for
Twin Crystals - Two Girls