Cazals Video, "Somebody Somewhere"

I tend to not post music videos on BBBD simply because they're too many of 'em out there, and who am I to select a couple out of the hundreds floating around in the vast Internet?

That being said, Cazals' (MySpace) latest music video for "Somebody Somewhere" is stunning and certainly deserves all the attention it can get. Not only is the song a great the-Jam-meets-the-Strokes sort of garage-rock pop cut, but it also features one of the cutest and coolest animations I've seen in a while (by French street artist André), and, duh, a beautiful French chick, dancing up and down the streets of Paris with such gleeful finesse. Love it, love it.

We're also drawing the Kitsuné Records video to your attention because we've a surprise waiting for you that'll drop in a few ... Kitsuné-themed, of course.

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