Ming Dynasty

If you're looking for some heavier blues-leaning rock jams to settle you in this wonderful Tuesday morning, look no further: Ming Dynasty (MySpace) is all you need.

The New York City quartet was founded by Eric Miranda (of the Plums, which was apparently endorsed by Ryan Adams) and Ming Chan (hence the "Ming" in the name ... I was hoping it was in reference to the actual era of Chinese imperial rule, but alas). Ming hails from Taiwan, but sings like a American-born (or thoroughly naturalized) vocalist. The tunes sound sort of like a more gung-ho Piexies or smoother Breeders with some over blues elements and grassroots influences thrown into the mix for a charmingly old-fashioned underlying vibe.

Keep an eye out for the debut Yellow Tiger LP. It'll bombard its way into your summer, anyway, so better get prepared!

Ming Dynasty - Yellow Tiger

Ming Dynasty - American Dream

Ming Dynasty - Rice Field

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wickedpickle said…
Very cool. Rice field is the sh!t
Unknown said…
Love This Band....check them out if you can!
Anonymous said…
AU in the house!!!