Tokyo Fun Party, Digiki, and SoccerBoy

I'm thinking this post might be better suited as three separate blurbs, but since all three subjects are closely related and interdependent, putting together one mega piece is better than splitting it up.

Okay. Here we go.

Tokyo Fun Party is a Tokyo-based record label owned and operated by a pretty intriguing international crew of DJs and musicians. SoccerBoy (AKA Takashi Otagiri) started the company and quickly brought on Paris-born, Tokyo-dwelling Digiki (MySpace) to do A&R and generally kill it at the T.F.P. club nights (Juliana).

Digiki is truly a jack of all trades. The guy co-founded 101 Tokyo when he wasn't compiling his stellar Polypunk mix series, recording his own material, DJ'ing parties, and collaborating with a myriad other artists. Now, Digiki's got a whole pile of new material out, with another batch on the horizon.

Dense Music is, for the most part, a collection of remixes of tunes off the last LP, Beat Vacation. Two singles have been released so far ("Draftpunk" and "Pancakes"). Below are mixed samples of each single. You can find way more information on both (including just how to buy the things) over here.

Back to SoccerBoy, though. This guy has been tearing it up in Tokyo for a good while now, injecting an Ed Banger dose of grittiness and brashness to the otherwise hyper-melodious and bubblegummy dance scene in Japan. His stuff is a mix of everything under the sun ... a little Diplo rhythmic fun tossed around, a little Girl Talk mashing dropped in, a little Justice-esque rager sprinkled about. He can't stay still. Check out a mix he put together below as well as two remixes he did (so, so good). You can catch more remixes here and more mixes here. Now you totally want to go to Tokyo, right?

Digiki - Draftpunk Teaser (Mixed by SoccerBoy)

Digiki - Pancakes Teaser (Mixed by SoccerBoy)

Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor (SoccerBoy Otagiremix)

the Velvet Underground - Waiting for the Man (SoccerBoy Otagiremix)

SoccerBoy - Sucker Bombaclaat Vol. 1.1

Buy it at Insound!


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