New Marxy LP

Florida-born, Oklahoma-raised, Tokyo-dwelling A.D.D. composer (and writer, and translator, and theorist, and blogger, and ... ), Marxy (MySpace) is releasing a follow-up to 2005's Kyoshu Nostalgia called 40 Years From Now on May 6. The Music Related LP is quite a bit longer than the 19-minute debut and certainly more complex and meticulously detailed. Marxy's hyperactive compositional skills aren't unlike Bryan Wilson on a good day, ingesting massive amount of 224 BPM J-pop and tinkering around with toy keyboards and a whole heap of quirky mini instruments.

It's a lot of fun.

The twelve-track full-length was recorded and produced over the span of three years "in Japanese apartments, Tokyo rehearsal spaces, a Manhattan living room, an Astoria, Queens bedroom, and the legendary Brooklyn recording studio Studio G." Strangely, though, the album is definitely a cohesive whole and not as scatterbrained as one would think. Marxy is, simply put, a really smart guy ... whether he's philosophizing on Japanese cultural trends, pointing out economic patterns, ranting about media theories, or pumping out pop nuggets, one can't help but note how intelligent the guy is.

Check out a couple tunes below, preview the thing, and buy it! 40 Years From Now is getting pretty impressive distribution, so you'll have no trouble finding it ...

Marxy - Broke Into Our Hearts

Marxy - Slouching Towards Bethlehem

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