The Kabeedies

Imagine the Cure producing Good Shoes with some new Lily Allen-type chick subbing in on vocals and you'll have a rough approximation of how ridiculously awesome the Kabeedies are.

U.K. bands may come a dime a dozen, but every once in a while, one of those groups is a gem that's just been unfortunately overlooked or shoved to the side. The Kabeedies seems to be one such band. The Norwich quartet has been pumping out hooky singles for a while now with little exposure (and certainly none in the States) even though they're undeniably catchier and more talented than the bulk of British acts.

"Lovers Ought To" is literally one of the best pop tunes BBBD has heard in a while ... it's abrupt, straightforward, and accented by a wonderful dose of unique vocal talent, angular guitar riffs, and slightly off-kilter drum patterns. The Kabeedies are charming in that way ... they outwardly appear completely coherent and solid yet subliminally convey a sort of scatterbrained aesthetic that's exciting and ... perfect.

So there's the BBBD endorsement. In a major way. Enjoy a couple tunes below and be sure to hit up the MySpace page for more jams and purchase information.

the Kabeedies - Lovers Ought To

the Kabeedies - Sideburns

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