Uncle O

Cosmo Vitelli's Pariaisn record label, I'm A Cliché, is back with a great new release by Uncle O, a new roster member. The musician's been around the block quite a few times, though, so don't think of his new LP, cutely titled LP, as a rookie attempt. Uncle O "is a restless record digger ... was a resident DJ at the mythical Bains-Douches club in Paris [during] its golden era (82-85), a graphic designer for James White, O.M.D., The Cure, A Certain Ratio as they were touring in France, and later part of the emerging French hip hop scene." Cool, cool dude!

LP is an experimental collection of ten electronic tracks that edge towards the prog end of the dance spectrum while simultaneously incorporating tons of tribal rhythms, ethereal atmospherics, and acoustic samples and riffs. It's a pretty chilled out effort, but certainly a varied and complex one. Check out a couple tunes from the long-player below

Uncle O - Avalanche

Uncle O - Sin Drum

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