Bakers at Dawn

Nebraska's CD-R indie label, Series Two has added a new artist to its roster, and, as usual, made a wonderful selection! Bakers at Dawn (AKA Marcus Sjoland) hails from Malmö and sounds sort of like Elliott Smith or Nick Drake ... done Swedish style.

The singer/songwriter has released a CD-R album on the twee/lo-fi label, Canarie Records and now has a new album out on Series Two entitled Best of Bakers at Dawn (he's only been around for three years or so and is already releasing retrospective compilations of sorts ... must be a prolific guy).

The below MP3s are pretty low quality, unfortunately, so just sample 'em and buy the full-length over at Series Two Records' MySpace page. It's hot and sunny in L.A., but this slow, melodious, and contemplative music seems somehow fitting. It brings peace and harmony to the cacophony outside.

Bakers at Dawn - Hopeful

Bakers at Dawn - Endless

Bakers at Dawn - Tomorrow

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
hey, just discovered your blog and went through the 5 lists of the best 2007 undiscovered tracks. Loved it. Many good songs, really like your taste in music. Its always a pleasure to discover new songs, so from now on I will be visiting your blog more often. Keep up the good work