Gang of Four ...

One of my favorite 80s bands - and certinaly my favorite political band - Gang of Four, has decided to reunite. I do not really what to this of this ... sometimes bands just need to call it quits. Gang of Four has a legacy - a history - one which will never be lived again, and one which I never lived. So, for them to do a tour again puts me in a weird situation ...
On the one hand, I am happy they are back. But on the other, I feel as though they are not history anymore ... they are not heroes of something - because now they are real. It's as though you had only heard of how great a president FDR was, and then he was brought back from the dead, became president, and you got to see him first hand. Maybe you wouldn't be impressed. Maybe I'm overanalyzing it ...

(my favorite album of theirs ... )
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