Gwen Stefani

Every once in a while, I give in to some pop song. Like, big time. It's not that I dislike pop music. I definately do not like how some people just write off pop music or "music on the radio" because it is "too commercial" or something along those lines. So, my newest guilty pleasure is, yes, Gwen Stefani. I like the song! WHat can I say? It is very catchy, and I kind of like the lyrics. Maybe the most attractive part of the song is its music video which is just filled with color and excitment. The album, which is being streamed at MTV does not really seem to have any melodious tunes as so many pop songs lack also these days.
I always find myself in the strange position of not being able to hum the latest Snoop Dog track (thank God, actually ... bad example). I think the same holds true for Mrs. Stefani, but there's something else to her music that really gets me. Anyway, I think I might buy the album, but I'm quite certain that I'll get bored of it after a listen or two. Too bad ...