future perfect
I have been listening to a band called Autolux for a while now, and I really enjoy the album, Future Perfect. It is a pretty good combination of noise pop/punk kind of stuff with a little synthesizer here and there. A lot of the songs are pretty poppy, but they have something really rough about them all the time. I think part of this can be credited to the fact that they are from LA and have apparently been working the club scene there for a while, and I am sure that that scene has had a lot of influence over their style.

Definately a band worth looking into.
So - some things that make Autolux a very good band:
1. The woman's voice. It sounds almost folky sometime, but definately has a punk flavor.
2. A lot of people have been comparing them to Sonic Youth. I agree. The song structure and general feel of the songs all seem a little Sonic Youth-ish. A nice touch indeed.
3. I like how their songs are all pretty slow. Usually, I like stuff that has more apparent energy, but whenever I listen to the slower songs by Autolux, I always feel a lot of potential energy. Like they are trying to break out or something. I can tell from this that their live shows are also probably really good.