Elf Power and The Ex

I just got into the band, Elf Power. I haven't really liked any of their albums so far except for Nothing's Going to Happen. It has this really lo-fi sound to it. Especially the vocal track. Like - really course lo-fi, though. Elf Power usually does not rock this hard! I was especially surprised (and a little please ... ) to hear their cover of a Buzzcocks's song! Very cool ... but the Buzzcocks are still better! Secondlt, I read a review of a new album by The Ex.
I have never heard of these guys (and am therefore a little ashamed since these guys have been around for about 25 years!) They are from the Netherlands, I guess, but they have kept the post-punk sound alive and well regardless of location. I like their stuff - very rough and edgy. Definately worth listening to. Especially since Pithforkmedia gave them an 8.8!

a relatively recent picture of the Buzzcocks ...