Unicorns Update

As the Unicorns' biggest fan on my block, it is officially my duty to update the world on any news I hear of their future. So - here it is. The Unicorns will be doing three things (they say) within in the next 2 years (I say, but I think 2 years sounds about right).

1. New album to come out next year something
2. A rap album produced by the Unicorns under the name
The Unicorns are Th' Corn Gangg
3. A split 7" with some person who is unknown as of now (but he/she is a
"noise artist.")
4. Three 3" CDs to be played on 3 CD players at the same time (and no,
this does not sound the Flamin Lips' attempt at doing something
similar ... )

Sounds good - I'm excited!

unicorns tape

ep cover