I have had this CD by Mansfield sitting on my desk for at least 6 months. I kept meaning to listen to it, but I always got a new CD which somehow got preferencial treatment. Sorry, Mansfield. Anyway, today I decided to listen to the CD called Mansfield Popp.
I like the CD alot. I think I avoided it because I have had this thing about Readymade Records for about year. Konishi Yasuhau, who used to be God to me for making the band Pizzicato Five, seems to have gotten too lax, and now he just keeps DJing big events, making soundtracks, etc. - but always in his same old style. I wish he would show how creative he USED to be! But, for some reason, age has hit him hard, and now he has stopped being as creative as he used to be. Masnfield is one of Konishi's "olg guard of Shibuya Kei music." Readymade Records has been trying to hold the new guys back, and because of this, I boycotted their records for a while. But this morning, I couldn't resist ...


Anonymous said…
Hello ^^ This blog looks quite old. However, I would like to ask if you could possibly send me this album.. I'm living abroad and it eems I'm going to stay away from japan for some time but I have been looking for this album for a very long time. If you manage to read this e-mail, please contact me (and whoever has this album ^^) on my e-mail address:
Thank you so very much for any help. ^^