Ai Yamaguchi at Shaheen

I went to this recently created art gallery in Cleveland called Shaheen to see Ai Yamaguchi's work. And I love it. I was not allowed to take pictures of it, but I will try to next time I go there. I think she has beautiful art, and none of the pictures I have seen represent it well. She must use a Japanese caligraphy brush, because everything she does has that certain look about it ... as if she is also a very skilled caligrapher. Her art is also very subtle. She puts a light pink (for example) over her subjects' lips that you can only really see at a certain angle, and then she puts a little glitter on their checks. I love the simplicity of it, yet I also love how she pays attention to little details like that.
And the hair she draws is fabulous.
I was actually lucky enough to meet her! Very cool for me, since I was able to converse in Japanese with her.


Anonymous said…
is this her work? it is pretty amazing!