I feel terrible doing this first off. But, I love this band, Kiiiiiii. And if I lived in Tokyo, I would have absolutely gone to their concert which Jean Snow and Patrick Benny wrote about. But, since I couldn't go, I was confined to looking at pictures, and that is why I feel terrible. Because I totally copied their pictures. If Patrick gets mad at me, I'll take this stuff down, but I really enjoyed the pictures.
Anyway -- why is Kiiiiiii so cool? Well, they are a drum and vocal duo, so their palet is quite limited. But they have pretty interesting music. Real rough, real hyper and energetic, and really funny lyrics.
These gils are so weird! I can't really describe it, but they just are. The "rap" about 4 Little Joeys for example. Blows my mind. Definately worth a listen! Oh -- and they have a blog that you can even get an RSS feed for! It's all in Japanese, but I like to read it to help my Japanese!