Yori-soi ifbot


Japan has a problem with an aging population.
So, in order to appeal to elderly people, they have created this new robot called the Yori-soi ifbot. It seems like a pretty cool concept, even if it is for old people. It will apparently be able to converse, play puzzle games with you, calculate things, and do a "medical check." I am not quite sure what is meant by the latter, but it sounds a little strange regardless.
I think it has a pretty nice, futuristic kind of style to it. Dfinately the hand of a Japanese person.

And it doesn't sound too expensive. It looks like Dream Supply will be selling it in Japan for ¥604800 (about $6050, now with the 102 ¥ = 1 USD) starting tomorrow, December 1st!
It seems to me that "renting" things like robots is a popular thing for companies to do in Japan. I certainly have not seen it in the USA ...
but apparently that is also an option for people interested in trying the new gadget out! I've always wanted a cute little robot, and now I can finally get one ...