One of my favorite things about Japan is how they have national treaures. And how they actually call them that. In America and many other countries, we have people that everyone loves and respects, but I do not think that we have ever really collectively named them something like "national treasures."
Tezuka Osamu just happens to be one of those national treasures. Although I am not much of a manga fan (but I do really like the Poguri manga that Jean Snow wrote about and a couple others), there is a special place in my heart for Tezuka.
So - this weekend, I picked up Tezuka's last piece, created before his death in 1989, Adolf. And I was not incredibly impressed with the story to be quite honest ...


Tezuka obviously had an very limited idea of Nazi Germany during WWII. Nonetheless, I was drawn to his comic. Maybe it is because Tezuka was a good storyteller, maybe it is because he is a creative and original cartoonist, or maybe it is because of something that only Japanese cartoonists are able to obtain. Regardless, the semi-lame story was more than semi-appealing, and certinaly worth a skim to anyone who ever sees it.
(I always liked the Buddha comics more ... )

adolf cover