Bright Eyes

It has come time for me to discuss wiz kid Bright Eyes, AKA Conor Oberst. Yes, he is not the band ... there are indeed more members in it than just Mr. Oberst, but let's face it - when you say Bright Eyes, you mean Conor Oberst! Anyway, as many of you know, he has 2 new albums coming out! It's Morning, I'm Wide Awake and Digital Ask in a Digital Urn. I still do not really know what to think of his older stuff of which I have really only listened to Lifted, or the Story Is In the Soil, Keep Your Ear To the Ground. I do like his slightly shakey voice. It always sounds so sad, but he also always sounds really into his thing.
I can definately tell that he's a Saddle Creek boy because of his extensive use of acoustic guitars and the country twag to all of his stuff. As I said before, I don't know what to think. I think I enjoy his stuff, but I can't seem to get a good handle on it. A good writer, nice music, and I'm sure his new two albums will be fabulous. I wish him the best fo luck.