Cornelius and Shibuya-Kei

Marxy, who is now my idol, has been writing about the legacy and history of Shibuya Kei music. From its earliest days (Salon Music) to Fantasma by Cornelius, Marxy has covered most of it pretty well! I am always impressed by his incredible comprehension of the country. Anyway, I have mostly been listening to American music recently, but his posts have made me pull my old CDs from the shelf, dust off their covers, and pop them back in the CD player where they once used to reside for a good part of a couple years.
I first pulled Fantasma by Cornelius as a reintroduction to the "Pet Sounds of Shibuya Kei music." Then, I pulled 69/96 -- Cornelius's best selling record. I listened to the Camera Talk album by Flipper's Guitar, and Bossa Nova 2001 by Pizzicato Five. And I remembered the days when I used to listen to Shibuya Kei music. I really enjoy this stuff, and everytime I come back to it, it seems more enjoyable than the last time. Thank you Marxy.