The Jesus and Mary Chain and more ...

For some reason, I decided to pull several old CDs. They were the first three Jesus and Mary Chain CDs, the first Monochrome Set CD, and the Aztec Camera CD called Love. I have to say that Aztec Camera is still not my favorite band, but I still love the crisp sound of both the Monochrome Set and Aztec Camera. The production value is really high on both CDs, and I higly recommend the Monochrome Set if you like light, poppy, guitar tracks.
I always think of the Monochrome Set as the first "nerd band." Before Weezer and all those guys, there was the Monochrome Set. But they do not saound like Weezer at all, so don't let that turn you off. Also, I love Psychocandy by the Jesus and Mary Chain. A very excellent CD indeed. Everyone ought to buy it ...

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