Tujiko Noriko

I recently got into a huge Tujiko Noriko craze. I relistened to/bought From Tokyo to Naiagara and Make Me Hard (ハードにさせて). And I was really impressed with them all. It isn't really glitch, and it isn't really IDM, but she uses a lot of laptop stuff anyway. When I listen to From Tokyo to Naiagara especially, I feel like I am in a sort of dream world that Tujiko has created. I imagine her singing in this world with her beautifully clear and unprocessed voice, and playing with her laptop. It is hard to describe the music because the listener feels emotionally attached to the music instead of having a strong feeling of dislike or enjoyment (or that's how I feel at least).

tujiko noriko

Make Me Hard is rougher than From Tokyo to Naiagara, but has a similar feel. Noriko kind of nararates this time, and her music is more cut up than in FTtN, but it is still definately worth a listen.
I know she's old news, but Tujiko is so good that she always deserves another review.

make me hardfrom tokyo to naiagara

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly the best blog I have read all day.

-- Bill Clinton

Blogger nik mercer said...

Thanks, Bill. Comment #1 ...

Blogger midori said...

Have you heard her first album called "Shojo Toshi" released from Mego? I like that album the best. It isn't so "laptop" than last two albums, and I think her musicality is really appeared in that album. Actually, I've been getting to lose interests with her music every time her new album has released.
But now I'm looking forward to hear her new album which she collaborates with Aoki Takamasa...

Blogger nik mercer said...

Midori - yeah, I actually also have Shojo Toshi. The thing I like about it the most it isn't so laptop, you're right. It has an almost eerie sound sometimes. But I like it a lot, because the album still has her voice in it, which I always likes! Thanks for reminding me!


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