Best Fwends

best fwends
Since I am currently obsessed with English bands/labels, I thought it would be fitting to post about Best Fwends, a crazy, quirky, wacky duo from Texas (but their label is in London, so it still counts). Their music is a funky mix of lo-fi beats and goofy lyrics about immature subjects. On their website, they say "please don't link to our MP3s," so I won't. But their record label, Moshi Moshi, doesn't say that about this sample of Ninja Turdle. Ahh ... so refreshingly dumb and lame. I love it.

hot chipAnd while on the subject of Moshi Moshi Records, I thought this would be as good a time as ever to mention Hot Chip, another fantastic band on the label. Listen to Defeated By Technology by Hotchip now! Hot Chip is a little less playful than Best Fwends, and they have more of a tendency to "rap" instead of doing sing along style songs, but Hot Chip doesn't really seem to take themselves too seriously either.
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