When I first heard oMMM's music, I immediately though, "Oh - how cute!" and also thought that the stuff sounded surprisingly similar to a lo-fi/8-bit style that I have heard many underground Japanese artists use.
And the music is really cute. It's very feel-good 8-bit stuff. The production (something like a 4-track, I think) is so [obviously] low-key and cheap, that the music is very comforting and calming. I love it!
oMMM is signed with ADAADAT Records, a nice little label which I never heard of until now, and which just released their debut album, Testing the Equipment.

P.S. - I was right[-ish] ... I think that at least part of oMMM is from/lived in Japan! Also, this ADAADAT Records label seems to also have released stuff by Milky-chu (Japanese), and oMMM is somehow linked to RDC, another Japanese electronic artist! Hah ... my intuition was correct!
I like this song.