Sherbert Magazine

Sherbert Magazine is certainly the prettiest magazine that I have seen in a long time. Maybe "pretty" is a bad way to put it ... ambitious and unnecessary might be a better way to put it.
But I love ambitious and unnecesarry things! Who doesn't? Not only does Sherbert come with a good looking mix CD, but it also has three pixie stix included. As for content ... I can't say if the magazine is well written or anything (since I haven't bought it yet), but the featured artists, musicians, and other topics seem interesting. I would love to buy it, and for $10, I don't think I could go wrong!

Printed magazines are the internet magazines of the past. I think it is weird (in a cool way) to see a come back of printed material, especially in a time when technology and the internet is so highly regarded (and cheaper). Maybe it is just easier and simpler to get your stuff out there if it is printed, as you are not competing with the thousdans of other magazines on the net, but I don't know if that's the whole story. I would like to see something about this trend, because I sure don't understand it!