Gondry and Jonze

gondry and karen o
For some reason, I always think of Michael Gondry and Spike Jonze as a duo. They never work together, but when I hear one name, I automatically think the other. Maybe it is because they have followed similar filmmaking paths. Both started small, did lots of music videos, and have now become famous directors.
Anyway, I think Jonze's Adidas commercial with Karen O singing is just fantastic. It looks so aesthetically pleasing, however, that I find it a little difficult to accept it as [mostly] the work of a director. I mean, how could Jonze have done all that editing work himself? I guess he kind of had the original idea, though, and that works for me. I hope that his Where the Wild Things Are film will look sort of like this ad. Also, Karen O.'s voice works so well with this ad. I love how she is able to switch from incredibly soothing and calm to crazed lunatic whenever she feels like it.

Gondry directed Hot Hot Heat's newest video. I like it ... kind of normal Gonry style, though. Nothing new. Check it out here.