New British Music

the ordinary boys
This post has a pretty lame name, I agree, but I think it will cover some important stuff in the music world. The UK used to be the center of rock, new wave, punk, post-punk, electronic, and many other types of music. Many influencial bands have originated on the islands, making it an incredibly important music hub.
For some reason, I have not paid much attention to the UK in the recent years. I am, by no means, against Coldplay, but I feel like too many groups have emulated their style, and that has gotten pretty boring. But there is a new wave of musicians coming out of England these days, and they should certainly be recognized globally.
A short list of bands that I think are going places:

The Duke Spirit
The Dead 60s
The Kaiser Chiefs
The Ordinary Boys

duke spiritOkay, now for my reasoning. Yes, several of those bands are already popular in the UK, but they are not recognized anywhere else yet, and that is why I mention them all in equal terms. Duke Spirit is an excellent post-punk revivalist band (sort of) ... they are edgy and bold. Check out a video of theirs here. The female vocals are an absolute plus!
The Dead 60s are fantastic as well. They remind me a lot of Gang of Four, minus the politics. Like a punkier GOF, or something. Very angular, quick, energetic, and good vocals. I really like Radio Riot, but all of their songs are great.
You all know about the Kaiser Chiefs, I'm sure. I also wrote about them before.
The Ordinary Boys are on the same label as the Chiefs, but they have a different song. It is a little bit like The Jam with a bit of a surf-music edge. I love (Little) Bubble.
Maybe Feeder shouldn't be on this list. They sound a lot like other English bands playing these days. Kind of like Athlete or something ... But they are not just a Coldplay rip-off, even though they tend to follow that trend. Check out their whole album here.
And yes, I know I'm leaving people out, and I am truly sorry. But this is a good start, I hope.